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We are the team of architects, decorators, designers and builders which unites one target: Provide the service in design and construction in full on innovative level, which is use developed countries. What does it mean? -In Our design we are using completely new architectural and construction design, which consists of the creating a computer model of the building (BIM), which contains all details of the object that allows to pull together, to pick up on purpose, calculate and agree docks created by different organizations, components and systems of the construction, to check their viability, and functional performance, and to avoid the very unpleasant for designers - internal inconsistencies. - We do in addition to the usual 3D pictures - video tour on your building, during which you can control the movement, to interact with all the objects. The example of this video on the background of the site. - We are a professional attitude to all aspects of the design, from the creating style to the construction calculation of the building. We implement the values and needs of the customer and taking the responsibility for the fate of the building. More than a 100 of orders for over 10 years confirm this. You can see for yourself!!


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